Burton Bradstock Parish Council

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11th May 2016

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Annual Audit


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1st June 2016

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13th July 2016

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7th Sept   2016

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5th October 2016

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2nd Nov 2016

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7th December 16

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4th January 17

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1st February 17

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1st March 17

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6th April 17

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3rd May 2017

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Accounting Variances 2016

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7th June 2017

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5th July 2017

July Finance


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6th Sept 2017

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4th Oct 2017

The Parish Council meets on the first Wednesday of every month except August

The Meetings are held in the Reading Room

at 7.30pm

Previous meeting documents can be found under Archive documents

Annual Audit 2017

The 2017 audit has now been completed with no matters arising

Annual Return 2017

List of Expenditure over £100

Accounting statement 2017

Accounting variances explained 2017

Bank reconciliation 2017

Contact the Council: The Clerk, The Reading Room, High Street, Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 4QA. Email: burtonbradstock@dorset-aptc.gov.uk